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How Smart Home Can Increase Your Property Value

smart home can increase property value

A smart technology enabled home can increase the property value anywhere from 3% to 5%.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the world by storm. It has been proven to drastically improve the living standards of human lives. A good example of this is the Smart Home technology. Some see it as a fancy upgrade, and some see it as an upgrade to improve their lives for the convenience it can provide.

  • According to a study done by Coldwell Banker Real Estate of 12,500 survey participants, 71% of buyers stated that they want a “move-in-ready” home. Which is why property developers started building fully furnished homes to increase the value of the property. But today, every developer is doing the same thing.

  • The same study, shows that 54% of those said if they were to choose between 2 identical fully furnished homes, they would go for the ones fitted with smart technology. 61% of millennials would prefer Smart Homes as well as 59% of parents with children living at home.

  • Another Massive survey done by John Burns Real Estate Consulting of 22,000 home buyers found out that 65% are willing to pay much more for a Smart Home ready homes.

    How much extra?

  • According to an article written by Savina D’souza – a mortgage team leader & business development officer, a smart technology enabled home can increase the property value anywhere from 3% to 5%.

  • If your property initially valued at RM650,000, with smart technology installed, it can increase up to RM682,500! An increase of RM32,500 in property value!

For home owners who are looking to sell or your current home, or for those who are looking to enhance your living experience or looking for a peace of mind, smart home system is the next step. Not only it makes your life easier but it is also an investment for your property.

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