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A smart automation solution provider for residential, commercial, and corporate.


9:00am – 5:00pm

Monday to Friday


Selangor, Malaysia

(+60)3-5888 8996

Project Pertnerships

71% of home buyers today says they want a fully furnished development. Today, “fully furnished” units are not uncommon anymore. Most developments come fully fitted with cabinets and furniture.

So what makes you special?

Home buyers today are mostly tech-savvy millennials. Smart Technology equipped developments will be much more appealing in current competitive market and more developers and designers are incorporating such technology in their newer projects.

Smart Home does not only provide convenience to homeowners but also provides comfort and saves energy. Developments with such technology installed not only able to attract new buyers but also are valued at a higher price. This is when developer brands are valued by buyers because they provide a good furnishing to their future home.

We partner up with property developers, architects, and interior designers to create innovative, futuristic, and functional projects. We customize each solution according to requirements.

We understand the importance of quality and reliability, therefore we also provide quality after sales service for home buyers from on-site maintenance to warranty.

Developers and Architects

Combining beauty and function, is what makes a development stand out. Having a personalized automation solution, transforms a home into a smart home, a dream home.

With effective use of smart automation, a project cost can be reduced, value increased, buyers satisfied, and generating more fans to your brand.

It is not just a dream, it is a solution, it is the future.

Interior Designers

Architects or designers, we all have one common goal: to create a project with result that will delight each and every client.

We believe beauty in technology. We believe in creating a space of comfort and functional that best supports the family who dwells there. We believe in sculpting a perfect life with the creative technology—with smart home technology.

Value Proposition


Our main objective in project solution is to reduce cost and at the same time increase value of your development.


We implement innovative ideas as well as invest in R&D for new projects and ideas proposed by project management.


With the implementation of smart automation in your development or projects, it gives you the added advantage and making your project stand out among the rest of the competitor.

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